Virtual Visits for Behavioral Health

Virtual visits are available to Behavioral Health patients so that you don’t have to come into the office during the national emergency.  These Virtual visits may be over the phone or through a video call, depending on your needs and availability.

For Outpatient Behavioral Health patients:

  • Current patients, who need a virtual therapy appointment scheduled, please call your Behavioral Health therapist directly.
  • Current patients who need to schedule a virtual visit for medication, please call the Behavioral Health Coordinator at your site:
    • 11th Street: 215-769-1103
    • Abbs: 267-597-3600
    • Health Annex: 215-727-4721


For Primary Care /Behavioral Health Services (not seen in Outpatient Dept):

  • If you have seen a Behavioral Health Consultant, you can call them directly to schedule your virtual session.
  • If you have not seen a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) and need a session, please call your clinic’s Primary Care front desk and ask for the BHC
    • 11th Street: 215-769-1100
    • Abbs: 267-597-3600
    • Health Annex: 215-727-4721
  • If you need assistance for medication, please connect with the Behavioral Health Consultant

 Virtual Visits for Primary Care

The Primary Care Department continues to provide virtual visits for certain appointment types as well as in-person visits. Please call to schedule an appointment with us as you normally would, and our call center will assign you the appropriate appointment type based on your needs.

In a virtual visit, one of our providers will call you at your home to assess your health needs, and address as much as possible with you remotely. If a physical visit is needed, the provider will schedule you to come into the office. If you are coming to the office and feeling sick or coughing, please wear a mask if you have one, or request one when you arrive. Please do not walk into the offices without an appointment during this time, but call us first.