Diabetes Education

The Family Practice and Counseling Network offers individualized diabetes education at each site to help patients manage their chronic conditions and learn new skills for healthy living. Education is patient-centered and focuses on identifying barriers to healthy behavior changes, problem solving, and developing confidence around self-management skills. Certified diabetes educators provide diabetes education in one-to-one and small group sessions. One-to-one education allows for addressing individual needs regarding blood sugar monitoring, meal planning and exercise. Group education offers opportunities for patients to learn and share day-to-day experiences together. For many, it provides the social network and support needed to achieve success.

Nutrition Education

FPCN offers one to one nutrition consults and group nutrition classes aimed at helping patients manage chronic health conditions including diabetes and prediabetes. Education is directed at teaching patients to plan and prepare healthy, affordable, balanced meals for themselves and their families. Our comprehensive classes address a wide variety of nutrition topics including identifying food groups, monitoring portions, reading food labels, healthy shopping on a budget, developing new cooking and food safety skills, and mindful eating along with prediabetes and diabetes self-management. The goal is to support patients’ efforts to create healthy meals that can be easily integrated into their busy lifestyles and budgets. At select FPCN sites, cooking classes and food demonstrations are offered to encourage patients to cook healthy meals at home for optimal health. Farmers’ markets and produce boxes are available at select FPCN sites for patients and community members to purchase discounted fresh produce throughout the year. Patients also learn about weight management, and may take part in exercise and weight-loss groups.

Health Resource Center

Health Resource Centers provide private, confidential, and easily-accessible locations where youth can receive high-quality sexual and reproductive health counseling, education, and/or services from a trained professional.
Health Resource Centers are based within schools or existing community sites.

Goals of the Health Resource Center Program are:
  • To increase the number of high school age youth in high-need counties with access to quality sexual and reproductive health education and counseling to better inform their health decisions.
  • To increase the number of high school age youth in high-need counties with access to tools to decrease risk of unintended pregnancy, HIV and STDs.

partners with AccessMatters and the Philadelphia School District to offer HRC services within Bartram High School, Frankford High School, Philadelphia Learning Academy South, Philadelphia High School for Girls, and George Washington High School.
*The HRCs are a Title X funded program.

Please visit AccessMatters program information page for more information;

Health Resource Center Program

Mindful and Creative Expression Groups

Among FPCN’s signature programs are creative, mindfulness-based therapy groups offered to behavioral health and primary care patients. Groups are co-led by a licensed clinical social worker and a mind-body educator offering a combination of non-traditional approaches.  Programs provide powerful, effective ways for participants to foster their resilience to cope with trauma, loss, depression, stress, and violence. The Art and Expression Group provides a safe space for community members to transform their lived experiences and points of view into art work.  Art in a group setting provides a non-verbal way to improve mental health through expression and mastery and builds a sense of shared experience and community. The Trauma and Mindfulness group serves adult women with the goal of engaging and educating them about the effects and impacts of trauma both in their personal lives and their communities.  The group also focuses on ways to utilize mindfulness to assist members to better manage their stress and heal traumatic experiences.

Growing Together Prenatal Group

Growing Together Prenatal Group is a prenatal class for expectant mothers at FPCN’s Eleventh Street Family Health Services. By being part of the Growing Together program, women attend regularly scheduled prenatal appointments with a certified nurse-midwife, and then participate in group discussions on a variety of prenatal health topics. This service provides a community support network where women can build friendships, set personal goals, and learn about their pregnancies with other expectant mothers. Women that are eligible for the groups must have active and full-coverage prenatal insurance; Eleventh Street’s Social Workers are happy to help if anyone needs assistance with insurance coverage. Contact FPCN’s Eleventh Street Family Health Services for more information about the Growing Together Prenatal Group.

Recovery Support Group

The Recovery Support Group provides an opportunity for individuals to obtain support around issues of loss, depression, or any type of addiction. The group meets Thursdays from 1-3PM at Abbottsford-Falls Family Practice and Counseling and is facilitated by Germaine Headen-Gould.

SOWN (Supportive Older Women’s Network)

SOWN provides innovative solutions so that adults age 50+ can lead independent, healthy lives in their homes and communities. SOWN provides support groups – in-person and phone, to grandparents raising grandchildren in the community.  The group meets weekly at Abbottsford-Falls Family Practice & Counseling and is open to members of the community.

Peaceful Posse

Located in the Abbottsford Community and operated by the Abbottsford Falls Health Center in partnership with Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Peaceful Posse is a peer group-mentoring program that seeks to build resilience in children by cultivating a safe environment, meaningful connections to adults, high expectations for their behavior, and positive reinforcement. Peaceful Posse creates networks of boys who see that refraining from violence is a way to secure a future for them and their communities. For more information about other Peaceful Posse programs refer to Physicians for Social Responsibility: www.psrphila.org/

Smoking Cessation

The health centers periodically run smoking cessation groups that include education and support, through the Primary Care Department. Please talk to the center’s Social Worker, or check on the resources/events board at the site to find out more. Any groups would be offered for free and be open to all patients. Patients may learn about free cessation resources offered through the city or state by talking with the Social Worker. Primary Care patients may also obtain cessation medications through their Primary Care Provider.

Mind/Body Services

Mind/body services help individuals to reduce stress. When we reduce stress we increase our ability to heal. Mind/Body services respect the intimate relationship between the mind and body and each individual’s innate healing capacity. Providers work with both individuals and groups using a variety of services and techniques that draw on patients’ values and strengths as they guide them toward balanced health and healing. The range of services varies depending on the provider and site, but include modalities such as yoga, massage, tai chi, meditation, reiki. Services are offered at the three large Philadelphia sites.

Southwest Breast Health Initiative

The Southwest Breast Health Initiative is a partnership among Health Annex, the American Cancer Society and the National Football League that aims to increase mammograms among women in Southwest Philadelphia, without regard to insurance status. Participants in this initiative can receive individual educational sessions on breast health and breast cancer, free mammograms for those who are uninsured, transportation assistance to appointments, and access to health education workshops at Health Annex.

Outreach and Enrollment Services

Advocates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), FPCN believes that quality healthcare is a right and not a privilege and works to assist patients with obtaining affordable insurance coverage through its Outreach and Enrollment services. Certified Application Counselors (CACs) provide assistance with health insurance enrollment (including completing coverage applications, gathering required documentation and troubleshooting the enrollment process) for children and adults to access subsidized, low-cost and free health insurance programs through the health insurance marketplace, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CACs also provide education on health coverage, ongoing follow-up and offer renewal assistance for enrolled individuals.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Family Practice & Counseling Network is offering Medication Assisted Treatment, which is geared toward treating people with opiate addiction. Nurse Practitioners at each office have been trained and certified to prescribe a medication called suboxone that takes away the opiate craving. In addition, FPCN’s Behavioral Health Consultants and Mind-Body Educators support our patients participating in this program. FPCN welcomes referrals for this program. Please inquire with the specific site’s Primary Care Department of interest for more information.

Legal Services

Family Practice and Counseling Network has a partnership with the Legal Clinic for the Disabled, inc. (LCD), a Philadelphia non-profit organization that provides free legal services to individuals with physical disabilities in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. Our partnership allows FPCN to provide legal services to its patients. This medical-legal partnership (MLP) is one of the first of its kind in the country. MLP is an innovative health care delivery model that integrates legal assistance as a core health care component of patient care. Based on the recognition that health is as dependent on social conditions as it is on accessing and receiving quality healthcare, an MLP places legal staff on-site at institutions as part of the healthcare team to help alleviate the hardships associated with problems like unsafe housing, disability, hunger, and income insecurity that may contribute to negative health outcomes and lower quality of life. A legal staff attorney is available onsite at each of the FPCN Philadelphia locations. Patients needing legal services may talk to their medical provider, therapist, or social worker for a referral.

Physical Therapy

NovaCare Rehabilitation is part of the Select Medical Outpatient Division, a nationally prominent, locally driven provider of outpatient physical rehabilitation. Our highly-trained clinical teams provide preventative and rehabilitative care that maximizes functionality and promotes well-being in patients of all ages and abilities. Individualized treatment plans are developed to help achieve each patient’s specific goals. NovaCare partners with FPCN to provide physical therapy at the Network’s three large Philadelphia sites.

Fitness Rooms

Located at multiple Philadelphia sites, there are multiple goals related to the fitness centers. They are to promote health and fitness education; strength, independence and confidence; reduce the rates of obesity, type II diabetes, stress, and hypertension among FPCN patients. The centers are open weekdays and staffed by trainers.

Monthly Farm Stand

Nice Roots Farm and the SHARE FOOD Program bring affordable fresh produce to  Abbottsford-Falls Family Practice & Counseling on a monthly basis to sell to the community.  The produce is fresh and affordable and a great way to incorporate healthy eating into our daily lives.  Nice Roots Farm accepts SNAP (food stamps), credit/debit cards and cash. Produce is locally-sourced when available.


The Family Practice and Counseling Network offers convenient and affordable pharmacy services on-site. FPCN works closely with Rite Choice pharmacy, which has offices/dispensaries at our large locations and is happy to work with patients to meet their prescription drug needs. Pharmacy services are available to all patients, regardless of insurance status and/or prescription coverage.