Family Practice and Counseling Network, a program of Resources for Human Development, is a network of federally qualified community health centers that uses a nurse-managed, integrated model to deliver primary care, behavioral health, dental, and preventive services, which are co-located at the centers and are designed to treat the whole patient.

Primary Care at the Network is provided by Nurse Practitioners with advanced practice degrees and the expertise to diagnose illness and prescribe medication, to make referrals to specialists, to help patients manage chronic illnesses, to provide pre-and post-natal care, and to offer a wide variety of other primary health care services. The model relies heavily on a psychosocial, interdisciplinary approach to care that “wraps its arms” around patients.

Trained mental health specialist work alongside Nurse Practitioners to provide on-the-spot behavioral health support to patients in the Primary Care visit; patients may also be referred to FPCN’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Department for more ongoing therapy. Trained  nurses and nutritionists are also part of the Primary Care team, providing essential education and support around diabetes management and chronic disease prevention.

In addition, FPCN patients may meet with a Social Worker or Health Insurance Enrollment Specialist for help getting connected to beneficial social services and programs for which they are eligible, and to enroll in a health insurance plan that meets their needs. FPCN’s Dental Departments treat patients across the lifespan, and even offer some preventive oral health care in the Primary Care space.

FPCN’s larger Philadelphia sites also have fitness centers and on-site Physical Therapy and pharmacies to further cater to patients’ healthcare needs. Patients may also enjoy specialty classes and groups offered by therapists and Mind/Body Practitioners that aim to help people express themselves and heal through art, movement, meditation and a range of other practices.